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‘Romantic Rose’.

Mini-sphere is made with soft-glass, roses are vacuumencased.

ashes memorial jewelry

‘Yellow roses’.

Mini press-papier is made with soft-glass at the torch.

‘Forbidden fruit’.

Dry-point etch, 3 color print. Size 21x21 cm. Print 1/20.

Ashes in glass.

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It’s all handmade!

My glass art is designed by me, made by me in my studio or with my team in the hotshop.

I want to thank you for your interest in my work. Every glass item is annealed in a kiln to remove the tension in the glass. Photo’s are taken in a light box. Colours can be a little different in real life compared to the photo’s due to differences in display of the computer screen.

I hope you love your piece of art as much as I loved making it!

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hair memorial jewelry

‘Amore in vetro’.

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Curved jewelry.

Little female torso bead strunged into a necklace.

scherven brengen geluk

‘Scherven brengen geluk’, gelukshanger.

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